Workforce Optimization, the New Focus of Modern Business Lifeā€¦

Do you prefer working in office or working from home? Whatever your answer is, working efficiently matters most…

One of the rapidly changing points due to Covid is the working models of the workforce. While corporations are doing the math of reducing rental and some other expenses by allowing their employees to work from home, they are worried about performance management, productivity and employees’ motivation.

Is each corporation ready for this rapid change at the same extent? Have they made the required investments in this regard?

When we cast an eye over this issue which is considered thoroughly by all corporations in today’s business world, we need to ask some questions to ourselves.

Our sincere answers to these questions provide many clues for us to generate sustainable strategies in this respect.

Our consensus points out that the system of working exclusively in the office is past. The anticipation of several strategists, on the other hand, is that 80% of large scale enterprises will shift to the remote or hybrid working system by 2025. The ability to adapt to this rapid change will shape the future of corporations. The top priority in the investments to be made in workforce optimization for the sake of sustainable and profitable organizations will be given to the structures like an operation centre where large teams take charge.

Well, is it easy to achieve workforce optimization in an operation centre? Thousands, hundred of thousands, millions of operations for different types of customers with different priorities… And employees with different qualifications and experiences to carry out these operations… Currently, we observe that many corporations group these operations and manage the same with small dedicated and unproductive teams…

Main method of achieving differentiation at this point is to manage these operations with employees having enhanced qualifications in productive operation pools rather than small dedicated teams. The key to ensure this, on the other hand, a strong software developed with artificial intelligence and optimization techniques…  

Yes, we could not foresee the outbreak of Covid in advance as Optima; however, what we have foreseen is that the importance of location independent and productive working would rapidly increase. Covid has accelerated this process further. We launched our data oriented workforce optimization product 4 years ago in the light of this vision by means of making the best use of academic and industrial data and thanks to our professional engineering knowledge.

Besides the achievement of 56% productivity, our customers who used the product managed to achieve 25% increase in their service levels. They maintained this productive working system in exactly the same way by shifting to working from home in a couple of hours on the date of decision without any problem or reflection to customers. Now, they are enjoying the comfort of having a location independent operation centre managed with data analytics by the system.

As Optima team, we are ready to become your partner if you would like to shift to a realistic business model in this respect without delay… We are waiting for your response for satisfied customers, a profitable company and motivated employees.

Emre Demir- 20.12.2020