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Non-optimized vehicle loads and routes cause high transport costs and reduce profitability

Routing & Loading is one of the most important issues that is focused on today, particularly in the logistics industry. It is inevitable to use data analytics in the high-demand world of today in order to provide uninterrupted service at a low cost.

For logistics management with the lowest cost possible, a powerful optimization solution is required to determine which order will be delivered to the customers from which warehouse using which vehicle and route without causing any supply chain disruption.

An integrated perspective and approach to all of the following data is required so that you can find the optimum solution for such management.

Order Diversity; items in the order may have different characteristics. Different loading methodologies apply to perishable goods, liquid or items which can be loaded in any manner.

Costs; costs that vary based on loading, vehicle type, and distance.

Warehouse Locations and Inventory Levels; Distance of the warehouses from the customer and their inventory levels of ordered items are crucial to determine the warehouse from which the items will be shipped.

Vehicle Types; Aspects such as volumes and carrying capacities of the vehicles and whether they are equipped with a freezer or not are the factors that determine the vehicle onto which the order will be loaded.

Locations; the distance between the warehouse and customer locations is the primary issue in route planning.

Routing Restrictions; Maximum number of stops set on the route and the route restrictions varying based on the type of vehicle or the route itself must be taken into consideration when selecting the optimal route.

Customer Agreements; You need to comply with the SLAs and agreements stipulating delivery times executed per Customer.

Seasonal Factor: Dynamics that vary based on seasonal region and route.


Loading and Routing optimizer evaluates the data related to the Orders, Warehouses, Vehicle Types, Locations, Costs, and Customer Agreements in conjunction with the restrictions, and generates optimum load route planning.

The solution from Optima, approaching the issue in the most comprehensive way possible, allows for the lowest cost and high quality route management even in changing customer demands. It offers the most suitable solution to varying conditions thanks to its powerful arithmetic algorithms and self-learning structure which determine from which warehouse the varying types of items will be delivered using which vehicle and route.

Powerful optimization engine;

The solution evaluates the data related to the Orders, Warehouses, Vehicle Types, Locations, Costs, and Customer Agreements in conjunction with the restrictions, and generates optimum route planning.

The Routing solution, developed with the synergic collaboration and powerful data of academic perspective and the Business World, enables you to manage your business with a cost advantage over 20%.


Transportation Cost Decrease

up to



Digitize supply chain and improve SLA.


— Lower your costs

— Increases operational efficiency and SLA

— Easy and efficient cost monitoring

— Fast adaptability to changing demands and seasonal effects

— Improve Customer Satisfaction

— Less CO2 Emission


— Ready to use in FMCG, Manufacturing, Grocery

— Customizable for all Delivery Services

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