3 to 6 times higher sales rate with our sophisticated Marketing Model...

Companies in need of effective customer relationships and demand an increase in their competitive advantage have to work on data and thus see the big picture. System Optima, since the first day of its establishment, has been developing marketing and churn propensity models for its clients and thus helping them increase their marketing efficiency and develop long-term relationships with their customer.


Predict the customers to churn, nine months ago...

Our sophisticated churn model can predict the customers to churn, while they are in active period. This way you may have the chance to rehabilitate the relationship, with a customized offer

With its proven superior modeling methodology, it offers strong data-driven suggestions and illuminates the future for its clients.

Some of our data mining expertises that will help you increase your customer experience and profitability include:

Increase Profit

Improve Customer Experience

Decrease Customer Churn

Increase Sales