Workforce is the most important resource for a company to succeed. There are factors that make it difficult to manage the workforce in the most appropriate way for corporate strategies. Companies are looking for the most effective ways to serve their customers with accurate prioritization and the most suitable resources at high efficiency levels and service quality. 

In areas where there are many competence groups and many transactions with different contents, increasing transactions may cause the workforce to be insufficient which then leads to poor service quality and inevitably customer loss. And in case of hiring additional staff to meet the increasing demand, it is common to experience productivity loss and cost increase.

Business management models that require small, specialized, dedicated teams, make it harder to manage peak times occurring in different business types and various times effectively and high service quality. Even though companies try to solve these kinds of situations by shifting work or workforce, due to different qualifications and business diversity, efficiency or service quality issues continue to surface.

The need for a central management and a follow up system is crucial to manage the efficiency and performance of diverse locations such as home offices.

Therefore , it is inevitable to use systems that assign projects according to the qualifications of the employee and the content of the job in order to use, plan and manage the resources effectively and efficiently. There are of course some limitations for this system to provide the optimum solution.



Workforce Optimizer is a data-driven management tool nourished by solid academic knowledge and business experience to maximize efficiency and service level designed from a holistic point of view.

Prioritizing incoming transactions is a very crucial aspect. Prioritization module determines the accurate priority for the client and transaction with analytical data of the transaction.

Optimization module makes effective management possible with large work pools  instead of little, inefficient dedicated teams. It monitors the interior real time and applies the distribution strategy that will make the density the most efficient and at the highest service level. Optimizer determines the source of the prioritized work by considering the workload and existing resources and assigns accordingly. During peak-times, it assigns the workload according to the speed and experience of the employee, ensuring the work is done quickly and without backlog while during off-peak times, it assigns the workload according to transaction variety ensuring the targeted knowledge and competence standards are met.

It enables central management in multiple locations such as home office with its high efficiency and service quality.





Ready to use in Financial Services,

Customizable for E-commerce, Hotels, Airlines, Telecommunications



Central and Branch Operations, Back Office, Customer Complaint Team

Available on premise & cloud