ATMs are among the most frequently used channels, providing uninterrupted service 24/7. Providing uninterrupted and high quality service at ATMs is of great importance in terms of customer experience. With a vast number of ATMs and the amount of money it contains, ATMs are a huge cost to banks.

At this point, ATM cash management is an important optimization problem. Banks are trying to minimize the funding and operational costs of the money to be placed in the ATM, while keeping the customer experience at the highest point. While having more money in an ATM increases funding costs for the bank, the failure to withdraw due to the lack of money in an ATM causes customer dissatisfaction.

The solutions to this issue can be listed as: Predicting different user trends for all the ATMs in every location, taking funding and CIT costs into consideration determining which ATM should be loaded and when, and determining the routes of the loading crew.


Sophisticated, three-tiered approach forecasting, optimization, and routing developed by System Optima reduces funding and operational costs and enhances the customer experience. The solution not only eliminates ATMs’ out of cash situations but also reduces the excess amount of cash at ATMs and offers optimum routes for transporting the cash. 

Cash Flow and Balance Forecasting; By analyzing historical behavior of each ATMs and using time series models, predictive models and metaheuristics, System Optima ATM Cash Optimizer makes ATM-based estimates for the upcoming 30 days.

Optimization of Replenishment; Cash withdrawal estimations produced by ATM Cash Optimizer let us to specify confidence interval which is also directly related to the expected service level. An optimized monthly replenishment plan is created based on cash withdrawal estimation by taking into consideration the cost of daily funding and all other operational replenishment costs. This plan is adjusted automatically and dynamically according to changes in cash demand. System Optima ATM Cash Optimizer monitors cash levels in each ATMs and intervenes automatically whenever a replenishment need arise. It decides optimal strategy for replenishment in milliseconds and services the results to related business units.

Routing; The routes are determined according to the outcomes of System Optima ATM Optimizer. The replenishment plan is reoptimized considering the fact that whether the inclusion a replenishment for an ATM without a service need will create a cost advantage. Routes are updated regularly or manually if additional requirements occur.

System Optima ATM Cash Optimizer considers followings;





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