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Develop advanced decision support systems based on data mining and optimization techniques to maximize customer experience, efficiency and profitability

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Workforce Optimizer

Boosting your workforce efficiency by 56% and your service level by 25% within only 9 weeks?

System Optima Workforce Optimizer turns your work force strategies into reality by using a decision engine that utilizes real time optimization. So, our customers will be able to make better, dynamic decisions in a highly volatile environment.

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Pricing Optimizer

Shrinking your interest cost by 5% in just one quarter and improving your competitive advantage ?

Improve your competitive advantages with machine learning based Pricing Optimizer, reduce your interest cost by 5% in just one quarter. Price optimizer utilizes data analytics to predict the behavior of customer to different price levels and maximize customer loyalty.

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ATM Cash Optimizer

Funding and Operating cost advantage of 1.500 USD per ATM annually?

Sophisticated, three-tiered approach forecasting, optimization, and routing product of System Optima reduces funding and operational costs and enhances the customer experience. The solution not only eliminates ATMs’ out-of-cash conditions but also reduces the excess amount of cash at ATMs.

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Routing and Loading Optimizer

Reducing operational costs by more than 20%?

Routing & Loading is one of the most important issues that is focused on today, particularly in the logistics industry. It is inevitable to use data analytics in the high-demand world of today in order to provide uninterrupted service at a low cost.

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